Providing Our Clients with Proven Telecommunications Solutions

For over 23 years GStek’s dedicated team of engineers and technicians have immersed themselves in the evolution of technology.  The result:  knowledgeable, highly experienced, and technically current staff.  In both the Commercial and Government sectors, our proven process of analyzing requirements, producing sound engineering solutions, performing quality installations, and providing exceptional support have resulted in a high degree of client satisfaction.

Because GStek evolves with technology, we know the state of the marketplace.  We are positioned to provide our clients expert advice about the most effective way to implement new capabilities or upgrade existing infrastructure to better support your operations.

GStek carefully plans and engineers your operational infrastructure with the most effective hardware and software resources to enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of your enterprise network.  Capitalizing on our knowledge and experience, we use variety of technical approaches to distribute information throughout your organization.  GStek’s certified technicians provide high quality, secure and reliable networks to deliver unified communication capabilities.

Business Operations
We can plan it, install it and hand you the keys, OR, we can perform as your Operations Team.  GStek is highly qualified and experienced at performing in both roles.  We have supported the U.S. Government in operating Communication Centers and Technical Control Facilities.  Our skills and experience are highlighted:

Network Infrastructure

Cable Plant

On Premise Wiring

Wireless Systems

Local & Wide Area Networks

Voice Communications

Digital Switching Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Call Accounting Systems

Military/Commercial Radio

Technical Support

Telecom Advisors

Certified Switch Technicians

Certified Cable Splicers

Certified Technicians