High Quality Engineering  –  Superior Solutions

GStek provides high quality telecommunications engineering and installation services.  For over 23 years, GStek has created effective solutions from complex cable plants to mobile communications packages in support of our nation’s telecommunications missions.

These achievements provide our clients a substantial asset pool of hands-on knowledge and skills gained through years of experience to apply to engineering projects, resulting in quality, purpose-built solutions.

Our experience also allows us to thoroughly understand client requirements and effectively translate functional goals into technology-based design solutions, which result in quality capabilities.

GStek engineering and installation experience includes:

Skills & Experience

Copper & Fiber Optic Cable

Communication Systems Engineering

Installation Planning

Computer Aided Design

Graphic Information Systems

Circuit & System Engineering

Intrusion Detection System Design

Fleet Electromagnetic Readiness Inspections

Projects & Solutions

Structured Cable Systems

Inside Plant

Outside Plant

DoD C5ISR Systems

U.S. Navy Comm. & C5ISR Suite

Portable Wan Connectivity Suitcases

Radat / TACAN / IFF


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Building Industry Consulting Services International